THOR GLOVES..., give it a try...

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Re: THOR GLOVES..., give it a try...

Postby pete » 11 Jan 2013 15:14

Look at the chart, it seems quite accurate (leaving some space if you're at the beginning of a size) :
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Re: THOR GLOVES..., give it a try...

Postby Rascasse » 25 Jan 2017 10:50

Some interesting advice from the Thor Gloves company regarding temperature enhancements on former models such as SR-4 + new waterproof models. For more info, please feel free to contact John at the email address listed on the following web page Finally, please be aware that they will have a spring order program on the SR-6 Model and are in transition to a new factory, so needs to make orders
to meet the minimum order at the new factory. So please feel free to share his message and place orders (if your need to change your pair of gloves) so they can keep making these great gloves for all of us:

When I designed this SR-4, I lived in California and the temperatures do not get as cold as The Alps
or even in Colorado Rockies. SO, I did not use a waterproof membrane in these gloves.
The new gloves has this membrane.

SO, I highly recommend a very thin polypropylene liner glove to wear if 20 F ( - 7 C ) or below.

I also would advise perhaps spraying the backside fingers with clear enamel spray paint as a wind shield.

If you have Clear Spray Polyurethane in your hardware stores, this is a great thing to spray on the palms
and fingers and especially places of high abrasion. Polyurethane also comes in a small can (liquid).
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