Installing Elfgen Bindings On A Sk200

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Postby kidloco » 13 Dec 2004 23:08


I've bought a Lacroix Sk200 with original Elfgen bindings on ebay but the bindings aren't installed on it.
It came with a blueprint and some instructions to install the bindigs but as i'm new at this i'm not very sure of how to do it. Perhaps you could help me.
I already know that between the back of the front foot and the front of the back foot there must be a distance of 4 cm. What i would like to know is if the distance between the front and the back of one binding is as it is on the blueprint or it depends acording to boot size and our weight. My foot size is mondo 27,5 or EU 42,5 and my weight is 90 kg.
I've noticed that the skwal as some lines on it to help the installation of the bindigs. There's a center line and from each side two small lines across, like it is on the blueprint. Should i place the two small lines on the blue print on top of the ones on the skwal to mark the places to drill?
I enclose a copy of the blueprint.
Thanks in advance. :rolleyes:

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Postby Gros Chat » 15 Dec 2004 01:17

Hi Kidloco;

I've already install elfegen bindings on a lacroix contest, and effectively, you have to place the two small lines on the blue print on top of the ones on the skwal to mark the places to drill

i'm going to put some pictures on skwalzone explaining how to proceed..I have all the tolls required for it.

or else, I can install the bindings on your board if you come in France (Paris or French Alps) or at a skwal contest if you compete...

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