Knee Injuries

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Postby kidloco » 14 Nov 2004 16:52

What is worst regarding knee injuries skwal or alpine ski?
I've had a meniscus injurie a couple of years ago due to alpine skiing, mainly because of the jumps i used to do.
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Postby Zarkod » 14 Nov 2004 19:44

The fact is that skwal bindings do not release if you fall but if you do not make jumps by now I would say
the danger is just the same with a skwal than with skis for the knees.
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Postby pete » 15 Nov 2004 12:54

i'd say that it's safer, considering the fact that you got both feet on the same board! And you dont get twisted as much as on a snowboard...
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Re: Knee Injuries

Postby krapo » 29 Nov 2007 16:38

Depends of your speed i remember the last day of my first week of skwal i have made about 10 turns before i stop.
each turns i was wondering wath would happens if the skwal hit the slope too hard. From this time im not so sure that im safer because of two bindings on the same board. doesnt mean i take care ... what shoud happens will happens
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Re: Knee Injuries

Postby Rapetou » 30 Nov 2007 15:16

Regarding knee, Alpine Ski is the most dangerous sport !
When I was skiing, I broke my two knee :o(( ......... Now, I just practice Skwal !!!

If you keep your two feet on the board, your knee can't twist ... it's more safe !
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Re: Knee Injuries

Postby sharks » 18 Mar 2009 21:10

I can just confirm that with both feet soldered on the same board the isolated twisting and bangling of one knee is greatly diminished. And two knees hold better than just one :wink:
Now depending on how badly damaged your meniscus are the repetitive movement of going into your knees may be difficult (but then again this is true for a certain level alpin skiing)

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