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Postby snowshark63 » 17 May 2004 17:02

[COLOR=blue]Buonasera to all, is before the time that I write on this forum, would want to still now know many things on this new way of sciare.Pratico monoski the practical one from 15 years, recently me is shrewed of always wanting more to bend to wide beam, has seen your video and would want to sciare in that way, Cosa advised to make to me? And simple? can be used the same ones ski boots ? How technical it is approached the monoski very? Thanks for your councils.
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Postby Zarkod » 18 May 2004 16:50

Hi Snowshark63 and welcome in the forums!

Feel free to ask as many questions you want :)
First you can use your ski boots for the skwal too, but remember not too close your back shoe too hard (walk position). You have to use ski poles at first then after some days when your balance doesn't not cause you any more trouble you can try without them.
Don't forget that you need a minimal speed to turn in skwal :)
I have only tried once monoski during a few minutes so I cannot make a comparison with skwal but I think it is quite different, skwal is closer in sensations to ski and alpine surf.
Where are you used to monoski? because I think it canbe quite difficult to find a skwal to rent in Italy. There are some skwals in Canazei at sport2000 if you go there.

PS : in a few time I will post a video of a girl learning skwal, you'll see that after the first day you can achieve great results
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Postby pete » 19 May 2004 12:23

Snowshark63 wrote to me in a email:
Thanks for your answer, but are not successful to understand if it must use the technique of the ski or that one of the snowboard.Se I find a good occasion I buy one skwal on Ebay!!!

PS: You hit the wrong button. Use the "reply" one (or "repondre" if you are using the french version)
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Postby albertofornasier » 13 Mar 2006 23:49

Ciao Snowshark63,
sei italiano? io sono di belluno e con un gruppo di matti bolognesi mi trovo ogni settimana a skwalleggiare in veneto, se ti vuoi unire a noi fammi un fischio che la massa critica di monosciatori (..adesso di 4 unità fisse...) deve sempre essere incrementata..
NB.. la tecnica dello sci non c'azzecca proprio...e meno quella del monosci, guarda qualche foto.. cioè ci poterebbe essere qualche paragone con i moderni sci da carving estremo ma solo per quanto riguarda la direzionalità delle spalle in curva.
AH:non andar e a Canazei che ha solo uno skwal ma della seconda guerra mondiale..
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