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Postby pete » 27 Mar 2003 05:14

Hello y'all!

The webteam has decided to organize a contest for the official logo.

Of course this is free for all, despite few restrictions!
-IMPORTANT: copyright FREE pictures/drawings and photographs only can be used (unles written permission of the owner is shown)
-No more than 3 logo per member. MUST show up.
-Need to refer to skwal(ing/ers)
-Easy to read and appealing
-Resolution: the bigger, the better. We'll use the elements of the logo for different graphics (more than one logo needed, plus maybe sticker)
-Respect the graphic chart as shown on the <a href='' target='_blank'>pages</a> and the <a href='' target='_blank'>video page</a>.
-Use of the light blue as background and/or transparent.

Please, leave some space for a slogan, as well as for the complete web address.

New ideas of slogans are of course welcome!

There'll be a vote at the end of the contest. You might want to explain your choices regarding to your creation... (a little ad!)

the winning logo (or set of logos if they go together) will be used in different places on the website and for the stickers if it works.

Thanks in advance for you submission, webteam-
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