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Postby Zarkod » 22 Feb 2003 18:55

Hello and welcome on this skwal-dedicated forum.

First of All, read the message in the <a href='' target='_blank'>English FAQ</a> to switch the Forum language in English, and you won't be annoyed by all those french buttons anymore :D

We are currently working on a full web site, but we thought it could be interesting to start by opening the forums, to give all informations we have about skwal productions, sells, skwal events and so on.

So in the meantime we hope you will benefit from this forum. It will be related to skwal of course but all related subjects are welcome, we want it to be open.
One of our goals is to promote our sport - the skwal in general - at maximum.

We need you to participate by sharing all that could interest the skwal community : informations, videos, photos, reports, and last but not least experience.
You will find here people from Japan, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Quebec and France, we would like to have people from everywhere (we know there are skwalers in Czech Republik, in Russia etc.)
The success of this forum depends mostly on you, spread the word all around you, and it will benefit to all :wub:

The french forum started first and contains more information by now, so the answers to your questions are probably already in the french section. As your questions in the english section and we will do the translation if the answer exists in the french section.

The Webteam members (you can see them by clicking here : <a href='' target='_blank'>Webteam members</a>) are here to answer your questions and is currently working on the forthcoming web site.
So do not hesitate to ask us any question about the forum.
If your question can also be interesting for other skwalers put it in the forums.

Last point, this forum and web site is not linked to the Thias and Volkl brands, the two current skwal boards producers.

We Wish you a nice surf on this forum!
The Webteam
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