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To find easily skwals for rental all over the world :)

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Postby pete » 05 Feb 2003 08:01

This forum isn't a discussion forum. The only goal is to learn about places for renting a skwal.
Please, read these following rules:
-be sure no one talked about the shop before in the forum
-The topic title will include the place (city, area, country) and the name of the shop (in the "topic description")
-Tell all contact information available about the shop (adress, phone number, email adress)
-The board(s) available

optional informations:
-renting conditions (one day, one week, season)
-any useful tips (e.g. directions for a "secret" shop)

Please avoid personnal subjectives comments. You can of course tell about the shape of the board you rented.

Do not post any reply unless there's an important information to add. Any message considered as useless might be deleted.

Thanks in advance for all your submissions,
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